Helping You Make a Difference

Hospira’s infusion systems and services are recognised for their safety, dependability and effectiveness by health care professionals around the world.

Infusion Devices and Consumables

From the preparation of IV medications to the ultimate administration to patients, Hospira provides novel technologies to improve patient safety and healthcare productivity. Our portfolio of medical devices includes infusion pumps and their associated sets and consumables along with safety CLAVE™ needle-free access devices, Effect IV™ disinfectant needle-free port protectors, gravity IV administration sets, Supercath™/Abbocath-T™ IV catheters and Butterfly™ cannulas as well as our range of Receptal™ suction products. 

All of our solutions are designed to be user-friendly and simple to operate and are supported by Hospira’s comprehensive in-field clinical and technical training and support services. These support services will also help you to plan for and implement a seamless device installation and provide ongoing training support for the lifetime of your devices.

From Hospira’s factory centre, our device service and repair experts can help with the ongoing use and maintenance of your devices. Learn more about support.

UK/CORP/14/0012 (1) November 2016